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Dual Purification for Complete Protection – Room Air Purifier

We take FOOD & WATER very seriously, why are we not serious about air?
We don’t realize, but we require about 15,000 liters of air per day, to be able to function and we can only do without it for a few minutes. This is why air undisputedly comes first and the most important primary necessity of our life. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times (sometimes even 100 times) more polluted than the air outside. Indoor air pollution has consistently been ranked by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top five environmental risks to public health & Air Purifier.

Sharp Air Purifier Product Specifications


Air Purification System Plasmacluster Ion Generator
with True HEPA &
Active Carbon Filter
Coverage area* (sq ft) 250
Air Flow/ CADR (m3/hr) 180 / 120 / 60
Noise level (max/med/low) (dB) 44 / 36 / 23
Modes Haze, Low, Medium & High
Voltage/frequency (V, Hz) 220-240, 50/60
sharp plasmacluster air purifier - sasa life care

ACTIVE Plasmacluster Technology

  • Generates fresh indoor air
  • Neutralises harmful VOC & toxic gases
  • Kills microbes & other contagious pathogens
  • Removes static charge
  • Skin Beautification

PASSIVE Filtration

  • High-performance HEPA filter
  • Active Carbon Filter/Charcoal Layer
  • Micron Mesh Pre-Filter
Sharp room air purifier - sasa life care


Sharp’s Plasmacluster ion technology does not produce any harmful Ozone during its process of air treatment. It mimics nature.
CB Certificate for Electrical Equipment
•Japan Quality Assurance Organisation

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