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Powerful deodorization and skin moisture

Designed to fit easily into your vehicle’s cup holder it ensures naturally clean and healthy air. With a washable PM10 filter that collect 80% of ‘tiny dust’ and pollen, it offers great breathing space without taking too much space in your car.

FP-JC2M, on the other hand, is a specially designed Air Purifier for the car which can sit on the arm rest easily. The sleek design of this product makes it eye-catching. It has odour and air purity indicators and easily fits on the arm rest. It is a premium product with carbon embedded, HEPA filter and washable PM10 filter. Get the ultimate in luxurious air with the sleek and eye catching design that turns your car into a fortress against pollution.


Product Specifications

Suitable for Car/ SUV Yes
Coverage Area* 3.6 m³
Power Car Adapter Car adapter (12V) & USB Phone Charging facility
Installation Type Cup Holder
ION Plasmacluster car air purifier - sasa life care

Eliminates clinging mold odors in the car

  • Tested by Sharp ・Test method: The effectiveness of deodorizing a cloth swatch impregnated with mold odor components through exposure to Plasmacluster ions was evaluated by using the pair test method in an approx. 3.6 m3
    car space.*
  • *Deodorization effectiveness may vary depending on the type, strength, attached material and other factors relating to the odor

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